To register for the conference please fill in the Registration Form. Mail or fax the completed form to:

Departamento de Engenharia Informática
Universidade de Coimbra, Pólo II
P-3030-290 Coimbra, Portugal
Phone: +351 239 790000
Fax: +351 239 701266

A limited number of grants will be available to students. Grants will allow students to register at a reduced cost. For more details please contact conference General-Chair.
Author Kit
 Paper Acceptance
 Items which must accompany final paper submission
 Typing and layout sheets
 Speaker's instructions
 List of audio/visual equipment
 Please submit your paper in both MSWord and PDF formats using the online submission form.
Paper Acceptance

ACCEPTANCE IS CONDITIONAL UPON RECEIVING A COPY OF YOUR PAPER IN FINAL FORM BY FEBRUARY 5, 2002 AND/OR A PAID AUTHOR REGISTRATION FOR AT LEAST ONE OF THE AUTHORS OF EACH PAPER. If your work must be cleared or approved before publication by your institution, company, or governmental agency, please be sure that process will be completed by the due date above or we will not be able to include it in the conference Proceedings. If the paper is not approved by the designated due date, you can discuss the possibility of presenting it as a late paper with the general chair.
PLEASE NOTE: papers cannot be published if payment is not received by February 5, 2002.

The enclosed author kit is provided to aid you in preparing your paper for publication in the Proceedings which will be distributed at the conference. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

PAGE LIMITS - The page limit for contributions are six (6).

MULTIPLE PAPERS - Author second paper is free of charge. Third and subsequent papers have an additional fee of 150.00 per paper to cover publication costs.

We have enclosed some guidelines you will find helpful as you prepare your oral presentation for the conference.

Please note the list of audio-visual equipment which will be available for your use at the conference. If you require any other equipment, you must advise us well in advance and you are responsible for the cost. However, we will try to accommodate your needs without extra cost to you, but special orders may be charged directly to you.

Items which must accompany final paper submission

Your manuscript of six (6) pages or less in required format.
NOTE: Contributions will be made available in printed form (proceedings with registered ISBN). The Proceedings will be printed directly from the manuscripts submitted by authors. It is important to note that the appearance of your paper in the Proceedings will depend largely upon the care you take in preparing the original manuscript and graphic material. The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) is not responsible for replacing or correcting papers or pages. Please be sure your camera-ready paper is free of typographical errors and omissions before sending it.

Payment of the fees is a requirement of having your paper published in the proceedings. The Advance Registration fee is associated with publication of the paper and is NOT REFUNDABLE, but is transferable to the designee who will present your paper at the conference.

PLEASE NOTE: Authors of published manuscripts will pay the full registration fee.

We require as a condition for acceptance of papers that all authors execute the copyright transfer to Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS). Please note that by signing the form you are simply giving your permission to SCS to publish the paper.

A brief note about you for use as introductory material by your session leader at the conference.

Typing and layout sheets (A4 format required)
See DOC file SampleAIS2002.doc
Speaker's instructions

Good visual aids can greatly enhance the effect your presentation has on the audience. Experience at past conferences has shown that many of the oral presentations have not been adequately prepared. Often an attempt was made to present too much material and too much detail. Visual aids, the primary means to hold the attention of the audience, were often poorly conceived and inadequately prepared. It is our hope that these guidelines will help you prepare a better visual presentation.

AI, Simulation and Planning plans call for the nominal session to run 90 minutes without a break and to include four papers. This allows 5 minutes for introductions and then 20 minutes per paper, of which 5 minutes should be reserved for audience questions and comments.

REMEMBER, your entire paper is published in the Proceedings. Your objective in the oral presentation should be to describe the highlights of your paper, progress since the paper was written, and future plans. Do NOT try to present the paper in its entirety, or to read it!

List of audio/visual equipment

Each meeting room will be equipped with an overhead unit for A4 format transparencies and one video projector.

This will be available for every meeting room where more than 40 attendees are expected.

Speakers are responsible for their computer systems and must MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PAY FOR THE EQUIPMENT THEMSELVES. SCS accepts no liability for them.

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